Family road trip? Don’t forget to pack this!


Sunscreen and bugspray are the typical stuff we pack for family trips. But, don’t forget to toss in a well-stocked first-aid kit.
First aid staples are cortizone and antibiotic creams, cotton, bandages- including the kind you might need to wrap a wound- along with tape and sicissors.

“If you can have sterile gloves or latex gloves, in case someone gets a cut. You can use that make sure you keep your hands clean,” says McLaren’s Dr. Rose Hall.

Include one of those travel ice packs, that cools when you open it- just in case someone gets hurt.
Dr. Hall says don’t forget pain relievers, “Over the counter medications for pain relief, like tylenol or motrin- things like that might be helpful.”

Over the counter allergy and motion sickness medicines can also come in handy.
What you really want to remember are your prescription medicines. From heart meds to insulin, make sure you have enough before you leave town.
“You can even have a pillbox- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and have it all in the pill box, so that you know you have the appropriate medications before you leave,” Hall says.
Keep it all close- where you can get to it quickly in an emergency, Hall cautions, “In your purse or something that you will keep in the front of the car- not buried in your clothes.”
Make sure you stock up on sunscreen and insect repellant. Ticks will be bad this year, so make sure you check for them when you come in from a day outside.

If you spot one, carefully remove it with tweezers, which, Dr. Hall says, should also be in your first aid kit, “You don’t want to grab at the back of the tick, grab right at the front, where they’re attached to the sking, and you just pull straight out slowly. It’s important not to twist the tick because it has little- little pieces of it’s mouth can get broken off and stay in your skin and you don’t want that.”
There is one other thing that you might pack along- in case you get lost in the woods, or have an accident, Hall suggests, “A whistle is a good thing to have. If you get lost, you can get people’s attention.”

Make sure you bring personal identification- for yourself and for your children, just in case of an accident. Include emergency phone numbers.



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