BREAKING: Look Which Fox News Host Just Got HUGE Role In Trump Team – Isn’t THAT Great ?!


Fox News Host Becomes A Member Of The Government

You can freely say that our government is in need of fresh faces. There are representatives that have been serving for years but failed to achieve ANYTHING useful for our country. It seems like President Trump just hit a home run with this one.

Based on a tweet by Jack Posobiec, Laura Ingraham has just been authorized by the Department of Justice for security clearance! The last lines of the tweet state, “They want her on the podium.” We are looking forward to Laura getting this chance to show how big of a patriot she is.

Ingraham has upgraded her reputation and resume over the past couple of years on TV, focusing on her radio show, and being a book author. The Obama Diaries is one of her bestseller classics , where she looked into and systematically decomposed Barack and Michelle Obama exposing everything.

We require someone this sincere on the Justice Department to help us develop our nation even further. At the moment, we are dealing with a bunch of left-wingers who are actively against President Trump and slowing down every single thing we attempt to accomplish. We cannot carry on functioning as a country if this proceeds.The next logical measure is to begin replacing the people responsible for the slowdown.

We need to find other people who can fit the job description and will get the job done. Opposing to what liberals think, people in the real world want to see RESULTS.

Ingraham is a fresh face and mind in this equation. Her, being one of the best additions to our government does not come into question, it must be the best we have seen in years.

Laura is low key, stands true to our American values, and is eager to help us do better as a country. You have to respect, and at least be open to other suggestions and care.

We can not permit the Left to keep on attacking blameless people Trump elects into office only because they do not agree with them politically or ethically. It is not fair and only displays their childlike behavior.




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