WATCH: Trump Just Left All His Enemies SPEECHLESS With This EPIC Move


(Angry Patriot) – President Trump continues to show that he’s a man of his word — much to the dismay of his enemies in the mainstream media, and even so-called “allies” in Europe.

In a move that has left his liberal enemies speechless, President Trump just announced moments ago that he is planning to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. (via The Washington Post)

This is a yet another welcome decision by our president. Far from being a harmless agreement, the Paris accord — initially signed by President Obama and other world leaders — would destroy American jobs, hurt our economy, and otherwise prevent us from making America a powerhouse once again.

In short, the agreement is scientifically flawed to its core, and we cannot afford to remain part of it. All Americans should be pleased that President Trump has told the liberal climate alarmists to take a hike. He is putting our country first — something Obama would never do

Instead, Obama bowed to the wishes of liberal elites in Washington and across Europe. Together, they wanted to forge a more international way of doing government — a key part of their globalist agenda — and Trump has begun putting a stop to America playing any part in this nonsense.

The Paris accord was a crucial component of the globalist agenda, and now, as far as America is concerned, it’s been placed on the ash-heap of history. This is incredible news for those of us who want America to remain an independent and sovereign nation — not one controlled by socialists overseas, who are pushing for a New World Order.

I can only image what Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Barack Obama are feeling right now, as their work is crumbling before their very eyes, and there’s nothing they can do stop it. These political fossils still don’t realize that the entire game has changed.

Slowly but surely, President Trump is making sure that the cards are in America’s hands. For the first time in years, we have reason to hope again, and we’ve got liberals on the run.

The future is bright with President Trump representing We the People. He won’t give in to the liberals, globalists, and socialists who have controlled the political debate for so long.

It’s morning in America again, and with this president, even brighter mornings are ahead for us.

The liberals are furious — we’re finally seeing an America untethered by job-killing, anti-American agreements and shady under-the-table deals. Thank God.



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