BOOM!! Supreme Court Comes With MAJOR Announcement About Trump`s Travel Ban – AMERICA CHEERING!!


Supreme Court Delivers Trump Amazing News On The Travel Ban

We are indeed lucky that Donald Trump won the presidential election, and that because of that Gorsuch is now managing the Supreme Court. After months of a stalemate, it seems like this circus with deranged liberal activist judges may at last finally come to an end.
This is the story, according to Breitbart News…

The stay filed by federal justices relating to President Trump’s travel ban issued in March is a case of an Emperor without clothes. What Trump penned in an executive order was totally constitutional, making the federal judges replies politically encouraged.

The single ‘logical’ reason for the stay was to slow down its enforcement until the following year, permitting the afro-turf #Resist movement to whip up sufficient public anger so as force Trump to nix the EO.

If that was the Leftist play-call, it just miserably failed , informs Breitbart.

“The Supreme Court took the rare step on Friday [June 2] of expediting consideration of a major case, rapidly accelerating the schedule for reviewing the Fourth Circuit’s blocking of President Donald Trump’s travel ban executive order,” Breitbart states.

This efficiently changes the foreseen hearing of the issue from sometime after March 2018 to probably as soon as next week with a decision anticipated for  October.

The Supreme Court instructed the ACLU—which represents the complainants—have “to file their response by 3:00 p.m. on Monday, June 12. The ACLU lawyers must also respond to DOJ’s application for a stay by that time.”

This is amazing news for President Trump and for Americans who want to end the carnage and chaos that has happened to places in Europe like Manchester, London and Paris.




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