BREAKING: Powerful Democrat Arrested – LIBS ARE FURIOUS!!


A New York City Court Judge has been taken away from the judicial premises with cuffs, reported USA Today.

Democratic Judge Leticia Astacio was detained following an issued warrant for her arrest. Astacio is charged with drunk driving from August 2016.

After her apprehension. Astacio was taken back to the courtside, but this time she was the one appearing before a judge. The case was overlooked by Judge Stephen Aronson, the judge who issued the warrent for her arrest. Aronson is also the judge leading the case where Astacio drove intoxicated.

According to USA Today, this is not Astacio’s first time being arrested for drunk driving. In the past, Astacio has been charged many times and has faced many cases during the last several years.

Astacio honestly confessed to breaking the probation rules in the past. Judge Aronson spoke face to face with Astacio sayong, “You’re doing everything to show you don’t care what happens to your public trust.” The judge is totally right.

All U.S. judges must set the moral standards for the rest of the people. It is deeply unnerving when you have a habitual drunk driver who is also often called to court. Astacio is one judge I would prefer not to have if I find myself in any mess.

Judge Aronson offered Astacio an arrangement when she appear before the court. Aronson said that he will incarcerate her for 45 days and let her out on a two-year probation, and she would have to wear an ankle bracelet for half a year. Astacio refused the offer.

After refusing to take the judge’s offer, Astacio was sent to prison. Her stubbornness will cost her precious time in the end for refusing the offer. Bad choice, but it’s her choice.




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