EXPOSED!! Devin Nunes Just Destroyed Obama With Revealing The Truth About The Spy Scandal


Nunes suspects more people are involved in Obama unmasking scandal

The Chairman of the House Select Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, uttered five worrying words during a recent discussion on The John Batchelor Show regarding the unmasking scandal the Obama administration had been accused of: “This is only the beginning.”

The House Select Committee has issued subpoenas to three Obama staffers for their probe into the illegal unmasking of people affiliated with the Trump campaign during the election trail.

The officials in question are former UN ambassador Samantha Power, former CIA director John Brennan, and former White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

Congressman Nunes originally broke the news regarding Obama’s top White House staffers possibly misusing their power several months ago. When the NSA gathers intelligence, they deliberately hide the names of Americans in order to secure them for any unconstitutional scrutiny.

These top Obama staffers have reportedly asked for the identities of Trump’s transition team members to be revealed. Nunes says the unmasking was due to political reasons.

Nunes pointed out that it was “very unusual” for a UN ambassador like Power to expose a U.S. citizen  “under any circumstances, at any level…no matter where they are serving.”

However, Nunes believes there are more people linked with the unmasking scandal, saying “There are many more officials that we have concerns about abusing the intelligence programs.”

Something was definitely fishy in the allegedly “scandal-free” Obama administration. I am so excited for the Committee to move forward to these proceedings, and we will be reporting on them closely- so stay tuned!




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